Primary Ponderings

Today we discussed ways to read.  Your children came up with three ways to read and discussed why people read.  We brainstormed what it looks like to be an independent reader and had one student model for us some excellent read to self behaviors.  

Later in the afternoon, as we started digging into the toys side of our unit, we used our imaginations to turn found items (such as puff balls, a stick, a string,...) into toys.  We worked in small groups to explain our ideas in our Learning Journals.


The weather is changing!  Students are encouraged to keep a raincoat and boots at school for rainy recesses and Physical Education.  We will encourage students to take them home over the weekend for your family adventures.

Ask me about…

  • three ways to read,

  • what I can turn a stick into using my imagination, and

  • the effect of rain during recess.