Soundview Middle Schoolers Continue Year-Long Partnership with Friends of North Creek Forest

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The sixth through eighth grade continued their year-long research projects this past week with Friends of North Creek Forest. In partnership with the volunteers of North Creek Forest, each Soundview Middle Schooler has chosen and developed a research question to investigate in the forest. This year long-study and partnership asks our students to dive deep into their knowledge of both science processes and forestry.

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Two weeks ago, volunteers from Friends of North Creek came to Soundview to help students reconfigure their research questions. After the break from the service work due to winter weather, students had an opportunity to reformat and change their questions if needed. They all worked hard on gathering a supply list that they could use for their day of research, and each student generated data tracking sheets specific to their questions. Some questions included: how many invasive species are there in North Creek Forest? What is the most common type of plant in each location and how does that plant adapt to resist human interference? And, what types of plants grow in the understory of Soundview’s forest versus the North Creek Forest?

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Last Friday, ready with their data sheets and research questions, students arrived well-prepared to gather information on their questions. The volunteers at North Creek Forest had all the equipment for the students ready, so students trekked through the snow and rain and into the Forest to gather their data. Students split into groups with similar topics and spent the morning successfully finding information on their questions! They will have a chance to do another data collection in the forest before analyzing and presenting their results to the larger group. We’re so grateful that students are experiencing the research process in the authentic and living laboratory of North Creek Forest!