Band is a Team Sport


I am often asked how students new to Soundview, with little or no experience playing a band instrument, can participate in our MYP music classes. This is not the obstacle it may seem.  For one reason, playing our band instruments is just a part of the curriculum. We explore our MYP units, containing a wide range of music-related topics, from the same trail head. These skills, concepts, and experiences are new for everyone.  This is an opportunity for the student new to Soundview to apply the student skills they have already mastered. When taking the first steps to learn a band instrument, understanding the assembly and care of the instrument and accessories is essential. I direct individualized instruction to our new students in this as well as proper playing position. After that, the student is ready to move themselves through the beginning band book. From there, the team aspect of being in our Concert Band kicks in. Experienced students model good playing position, troubleshoot mechanical issues, assist with fingerings, and help navigate the new student’s band part. This process not only benefits the new student, but also requires the experienced student to think of these concepts from another angle and communicate skill-building steps in a sequential manner. The resulting sound of the band will depend on the success of the experienced student in supporting the new student. Welcoming new students into our band is a benefit for everyone.