Middle Years Memo

Design class is in full swing! This year we are kicking off class with a little bit of a reset. Using the Stanford d.School’s Crash Course in Design Thinking, your children practiced the skills of identifying the underlying needs of the beneficiaries of their design solutions.


What makes Design Class so engaging is that while you get to use all the fancy tools (laser cutter, 3D printer, Arduino microcontrollers, sewing machines), the core of the class is really focused on caring and empathy. Empathy is the core of good Design, and to practice our empathy skills your children engaged in Empathy Interviews where they dug deeply into identifying the values and emotions of their classmates in order to meet their needs as users.


Next up, expect your children to bring this home for our first Design Challenge, where they will be identifying an organizational need in your homes and fashioning a solution using baltic birch and our brand-new laser cutter. Stay tuned for more information!