All eyes on science!

It was a big week for optics in MYP Science. The 7th and 8th grades kicked things off by learning the proper handling and use of our class microscopes in preparation for exploring the microscopic world of bacteria and fungi. They investigated the cellular nature of life by making wet mount slides of their own cheek epithelial cells as well as slices of leaf tissue from some of our forest plants.


Then it was the 6th grade’s turn. We looked at various ways we can bend or manipulate light in order to aid in scientific observations using mirrors, lenses, and prisms. We capped off the week by bouncing light around our classroom using mirrors and comparing the angle of incidence with the angle of refraction.

091418_mike_fleming_graphic_d (1).JPG
091418_mike_fleming_graphic_e (1).JPG

That’s all for this week! Next week, we’re off to Mt. Rainier for more science adventures.