An Invitation to Curriculum Night - Thursday, September 13th

This Thursday, September 13th at 6:00 in the PAC we’d like to welcome all parents of 5th-8th grade children to Curriculum Night.

The evening will begin the PAC with everyone gathered to hear about everything you can look forward to this year, and the coming years. After brief introductory remarks, 5th grade families will head out with Ms. Cera and Mrs. Norcross and middle school parents will rotate between three classrooms. We will structure the evening to address the following questions in a variety of ways:

  • In what ways will your child’s learning be connected to the real world/relevant?

  • How will your child be assessed? And how will you know how your child is progressing?

  • To what extent will your child be setting their own goals?

  • How important is student engagement and participation? What is the expectation of your child?

  • What skills and mindsets should your child be developing in school this year? How should they be practicing?

What is our school’s approach to developing a healthy and supportive environment for all children?

Childcare is available with an email RSVP to Molly Bozarth (