Bring the Funk, Hold the Noise

Greetings 7th & 8th grade families!

I’d like to begin by apologizing for the...aromas that may be wafting around your kitchens right now. The sourdough project is something I look forward to every time, but admittedly I do not have to experience the creation of the starters first-hand. Trust me - it will all be worth it! I just wanted to use this opportunity to offer a little further guidance about the project.

By now, your child’s starter should be bubbling and smelling sour/funky. I’m including the care and feeding schedule from my previous email in case you missed it --


2 (9/7)

Feeding time! Start by removing and discarding about half of the batter - this will keep the volume down. Add one scant cup of all-purpose flour (4 ounces) and ½ cup of water (4 ounces) to the bowl and mix thoroughly. Cover loosely and return to resting location.

3 (9/8)

Check your batter - it should be more bubbly, and it may have taken on a sour and slightly musty smell. Repeat the feeding procedure above and let rest again.

4 (9/9)

Your batter should be much more bubbly today, and should have increased noticeably in volume. The sour smell should be stronger as well. Repeat feeding procedure.

5 (9/10)

The batter will be quite bubbly and sour today - taste it if you’d like! You will receive further instructions on what to do from Mr. Fleming.

Remember, if nothing is going on with the starter by now, it may need to be goosed a little by adding in some unwashed grapes and stirring. Just leave them in there and the natural yeasts on the surface will serve as a starter culture.

I’ll be sending along instructions for the bread shortly as it takes some time to put together. As always, feel free to contact me with questions should they arise. Happy fermenting!