Keeping it Aesthetic


As the trimester comes to a close the MYP students are working hard to finish all their requirements, and Physical Health Education is no different from other classes. The end of term project each student is working on for P.H.E. is an aesthetic movement routine.

I will be the first to admit that aesthetic movement routine sounds subjective, which is why each individual gets to choose their own routine. They plan it, perform it, and reflect on it. The grading will be focused on their ability to articulate their creative process in planning the performance and reflecting on the performance rather than the actual performance itself. The one requirement for the performance is that it includes multiple movements that flow together.

Each student also got the choice to either film their routine at home or here at school during class time. Many of the students chose to film at home, so if your child is asking to borrow a recording device, it’s most likely for class. The majority of students will be performing some type of yoga routine, but there are a few that have chosen to demonstrate other forms of movement such as dance or a hybrid of martial arts.


Why have an aesthetic movement routine in the first place? I have been considering that question since I became aware that it’s a requirement for the International Baccalaureate P.H.E. grading. Now, having spent the last six weeks practicing different forms of yoga and tai chi with the students I have been reminded of what the human body is capable of. Our abilities for movement are truly unique, and we all have the capability to create something that is personal and expressive through movement. That is what I consider aesthetic!