Mission-Based Grading


The Fall Trimester is coming to a close on the 7th, and so I thought this could be a good time to let you know what to expect on your middle school child’s report card. Grading at Soundview may be different from the system you grew up with, but the benefits to your children are many. Here are a few highlights:

They’re standards-based. Each International Baccalaureate class has four standards, and each student is assessed against each standard. This means that students are given accurate and specific feedback to show what they need to improve, as opposed to one blanket grade for the class a whole. This also means, however, that many students will receive an N/A for “not assessed.” This merely means that the particular standard has yet to be addressed in the class, and will be at a later date.

They’re personalized and specific. Accompanying all report cards will be a letter that is collaboratively written by all your child’s teachers as well as their advisor. This provides insight into only into their academic habits and skills, but also their social-emotional wellbeing.

They’re internationally recognized. The grades your child earn at Soundview are standardized with grades students in Middle Years Programmes all around the world are earning.


In addition to the academic grades each student earns, they also earn Mission Grades in “Intellectual Motivation” and “Citizenship & Leadership,” echoing our mission here at Soundview. Here’s a copy of that rubric:


Each student is assessed and given a score by each teacher. At the end of their 8th grade year, the top two students in each category are given awards at our end of year assembly.

Hopefully this post adequately explains what to expect on the report cards come mid-December, but if you have any question at all please contact me at mstenovec@soundview.org.