What's something easy for a student to do over break? Leisure reading!


If you’re wondering how your child can stay engaged over the winter break, one great solution is to make sure they’re reading! In the last few weeks of both 6th/7th and 8th grade Humanities, our librarian, Mrs. Stein, has given book talks about the new books she’s purchased for the library. During her talk, students all curated their own lists of titles that they’re interested in reading and asked her for recommendations. They also created alternative book covers based on their last books, gave talks to their class, and recommended different books to students in their classes. As of this week, they all have told me a title they’re reading and have a book checked out. Each of them should make a concerted effort to have the majority of one book read before break’s end.

One way you can help is by asking your child each day about what they’re reading.  This will prime them to talk about the book and it’s a great way to hear about the different stories they’ve selected. This also holds them accountable for reading a bit of the book each day rather than a large selection all at once. Reading is a great way to build vocabulary, practice empathy, develop analytical and comprehension skills, and improve writing. The more our students make reading a habit, the more likely they are to increase all of these different traits. Hopefully, you have some time to enjoy a good book and model this excellent habit for our students!

If you’re looking for recommendations, here’s a great list our students have developed.

Happy reading!