MYP Science Beat

It has been a big month for science, technology, and design in the MYP! Here is an update about what our students are up to. Come on in and see their work in person!

The sixth grade has been exploring optics in order to understand how astronomers throughout history have made their discoveries. To get some practice with reflection, they designed laser mazes on paper for their peers to solve. Using protractors, mirrors, and some know-how about angles of incidence and reflection, they guided a laser beam through their mazes to strike a target. They have since moved on to investigating lenses.


The seventh and eighth grades have been investigating the microscopic world in our Fermentation unit. In order to get to know some of our interesting bacterial friends, they made online dating profiles for specific species. Then, they learned about bacterial culturing and made some hypotheses about which surfaces are clean and which ones are...err...not.


In design, students are hard at work on organizational solutions inspired by their interviews with family members. Check out the photo below of Gabe showing off Soundview’s first student-designed and laser-cut box!