Students Practice Advocacy Skills in Learning Lab

Learning Lab is a non-academic class designed to help students build various skills to help them succeed in their academic coursework. This week we’re focusing on being a self-advocate! Students identified classes where they feel academically successful, and they’ve identified areas where they need some extra support. We then discussed different strategies and ways of getting this support.


Today, the sixth grade filled out a worksheet that helped them articulate where they’re feeling good; the classes or specific assignments where they’re struggling; and who they plan to speak to about their specific problem. These are issues they’ve identified for this week only. Next week, they could be completely different! They also identified different ways that parents can help them as they embark on their advocacy journey. 7th and 8th graders will complete these worksheets either tomorrow, Thursday, October 11th or next Tuesday, October 15th.


Once the students fill out the worksheet, they role play being parents and teachers and practice asking the adults in their life for help. Each student goes home with this worksheet and must have a parent or guardian look over it with them, so please make sure to ask your child about it. They’re well prepared to tell you their plan!