A Year-Long Collaboration with Friends of North Creek Forest

This Friday, Soundview students will be returning to North Creek Forest in Bothell to begin their year-long study! Regardless of the weather, students can expect to be digging in the dirt, searching for wildlife, hiking, and identifying plants!

Soundview students have a unique history of helping to restore this wonderful forest. They have been volunteering for a number of years and have done everything from pull invasive blackberries, move mulch, pull holly and ivy, and examine water quality in the forest. This year, in addition to traveling to Bothell, we are so excited to have our Friends at North Creek come to Soundview and help with our own forest restoration. Moreover, the students will be engaging in a year long study that will take place in either of the forest.

Last Friday in preparation for the year-long investigation, two North Creek visitors, David Bain and David Han, came to prime our students for the year. They listened as our students discussed what questions always come to their minds when they examine a forest for the first time; what plants they love the most; and what they’re most eager to study in a forest environment.

Later in the year, students will form groups based on their individual interests and determine which skills they can utilize effectively in a group. They will then spend time investigating their questions, collecting data, and articulating their results to the rest of the school. We are so excited for this collaborative opportunity and can’t wait to see what our students come up with!

For this Friday, please make sure students come prepared for rainy weather! They will need rain gear and anything they need to keep them warm. They might also consider a change of clothes for the afternoon. In the past, only a certain number of students could go to North Creek, but this year, all students will be going and we will be leaving promptly at 9:15!