Intermediate Inquirers


Integration in education refers to when you learn about a topic in multiple ‘classes’, such as math, writing, and social studies. Being able to connect the learning through more than one area can give skills and knowledge a frame of reference and make topics feel more important. It can also help students delve deeper into a topic.


Through our Agents of Change unit, we have been studying the history of slavery and the civil war. One of the things we learned about was the Underground railroad and the use of freedom quilts to communicate messages to runaway slaves.


In math, we have been learning about fractions. We used our knowledge of fractions to help us explore the freedom quilt patterns. Students picked a pattern that they like. From there, students practiced finding equal sized ‘pieces’ to determine the fractional parts. From there, they identified what fraction of the square each color was and each piece.


After determining their fractions, students figured out how big their pieces would be if they made there square 9in x 9in, and created templates of their pieces. Then, they used scrapbook paper to create their quilt square.