Intermediate Inquirers

This week we started our 4th Unit of Inquiry all about Agents of Change. We love this unit, as it provides opportunity to explore some big questions that don’t necessarily have an answer. Throughout this unit, our lens of focus will begin with slavery, move through the American Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, and end with some exploration of more recent movements.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was a great provocation into this unit as we used it to begin discussing segregation, discrimination, and some beginning examples of what people throughout history have done to protect their rights as humans. We discussed what an “Agent of Change” is and brainstormed other topics of discrimination, such as gender, age, religion, and physical and mental health.


After various provocation activities, students were asked to think of questions they have related to the fight for racial equity. We’ve also been busy diving into the books and working together to create a timeline of significant events. We have some wonderful questions that will be used to guide our inquiry over the next five weeks. Here are just a few!

  • Why do people care about skin color? Why does it matter?

  • Will the people of future generations care more about stopping racism?

  • Why did the government make laws to segregate & discriminate?

  • How is racism changing?

  • Why did white people join the marches and protests too?

  • Does your skin color make you better or worse?

It is wonderful that our kids are asking such BIG questions within the Soundview community. It tells a lot about how supportive and caring our group of people are together. Race and racism can be a sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable topic. We strive to create a welcome and supportive environment where they can ask their questions and feel comfortable engaging in discussions that are less commonplace.