3 Strategies for Tackling homework

Homework in the Intermediate Pod plays an important role in encouraging independence and time management skills in our students. It is used primarily to practice the skill of organizing our time and giving students the necessary discipline to reach their academic goals now and in the future. Here are 3 ways in which our students families can help support and encourage this endeavor. 


#1 Order your tasks 

Deciding the order of your tasks will help you keep on track and use your time as efficiently as possible. As you plan, we think about prioritizing required tasks and leaving yourself enough time to complete more open ended tasks. 


#2 Predict the time needed 

Thinking about how much time each activity takes is a great opportunity to practice our self-management skills and begin to understand our own pace of work. Knowing our own speed will allow us to more accurately predict our time in the future and create plans and goals that can be achieved. 

#3 Refer back to your plan 

Keep the plan out while doing homework and refer back to it regularly. Keeping track of the actual time spent doing the activities will help future planning be more accuracy and encourage efficiency.