Intermediate Inquirers


Our winter concert last week was a roaring success. From beautiful (or creepy) songs to beaming smiles, it was a wonderful demonstration of the hard work and dedication our students put into the music program.

Funding, testing, or other circumstances have forced so many schools around the the country to eliminate ‘extras’, such as music and arts. Soundview (and IB) view music and the arts as vital aspects of a well rounded education. We understand that music helps expand our understanding and appreciation of the world around us. And in addition to helping us learn how to play the trombone, it also teaches valuable skills such as perseverance, dedication, and teamwork.  


Perseverance! No one sounds good the first time they squeak through an oboe reed. All instruments have their own quirks and challenges. It takes determination and a positive mindset to be able to overcome those challenges and to learn how to play.


Dedication! There is so many separate skills that go into playing music, let alone playing in an ensemble. You have to be able to read the notes of the music. You need to understand the different rhythms of the notes and time signatures. And you have to figure out how to make your instruments actually create those notes. And all of that takes practice. Learning music isn’t like learning multiplication. It isn’t just a series of steps to memorize. You can’t just spend a month practicing and call it mastered. Learning music and to play an instrument requires regular and consistent work, which is a great habit to build.


Teamwork! Playing with others uses so many important teamwork skills. You have to be responsible for your own part, but you also have to balance that with paying attention to others. If you are too focused on what others are doing, you can lose track of your own part. If you don’t pay enough attention, you risk overpowering the other parts.


All of these skills are important for learning music, but can also be applied to other aspects of learning and life. And if we’re lucky, it will start a love affair that lasts a lifetime!