Intermediate Inquirers

We’re coming to the end of our third Unit of Inquiry about Media and Advertising. Throughout this unit, students have observed and learned about a variety of techniques that help make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful advertisement.


For their final project, students were asked to interview someone at Soundview to get to know them better. Based on the information that they gathered in their interview, students brainstormed and chose a larger audience that this person could be a part of. For example, some students found out that Mr Bill is a harmonica player, a grandparent, and an educator, to name a few.  

Once students decided on an audience, they were asked to design an advertisement that would target that audience specifically. While creating their ads, students needed to reflectively think about a variety of options that would ultimately, and hopefully, make their ad successful. A few things to think about included the style of ad (print, audio, or video), the techniques being used within the ad (humor, testimonial, exaggeration, loaded words, etc.), and, of course, the specific thing being advertised (product, service, experience, opportunity, etc.).  


We are finishing creating our ads this week. We’ve been inspired by the variety of advertisements being created and the way in which students are choosing to create them. To name a few, we have Stop Motion animation, iMovies, handmade collages, classic video-taped and edited commercials, and Google Slides all in the works! We can’t wait to preview them all and present about the choices we made while designing our ads for a specific audience.