That is not what I said!

Frustration and confusion are just two of the emotions the intermediate students have been feeling at times in P.E. class. Rest assured it is all by design as we are finishing up our unit in communication. I also make sure to always end class on a positive note and an explanation of why we did things the way we did.


Communication is a lifelong skill that many people in the world struggle with. We often find ourselves in situations where the need to communicate clearly and effectively is paramount. So, learning the skills needed to communicate is essential to becoming a productive citizen of the world. It is my hope that the intermediate students start to see more of the complexities involved with communication and get inspired to be lifelong learners to keep building their skills.

Trying to isolate specific communication skills can be challenging, and the students often question why I do certain things like telling them they can’t talk while giving directions to their team. Now many of the students have just come to expect me to impose some strange rule and eventually they will understand my reasoning. Students still get emotional during certain activities, and I have to remind everyone of the actual goal for the activity.

One way families can help at home is to encourage your child to share what happened at school each day. If your child is like me when I was that age they will probable say it was fine and that’s it. Feel free to let your child know that you know communication is a skill they are working on in P.E. and you want to see what they have learned.