Intermediate Inquirers

This week we kicked off our first unit of the school year: Government.


This week we kicked off our first unit of the school year: Government. We are exploring the central idea that Societies govern in many different ways to create a decision making structure. We are studying this through the Lines of Inquiry: An inquiry into… Forms of government, Rights and responsibilities of citizens, and Democratic decision making.

To get the students thinking about different forms of government, they played games in PE. Each version of the game used a different government structures to decide the rules, starting with a dictatorship in which Mr. Chuck got to determine and change any rules and progressing to a form where everyone got to help decide the rules.


After debriefing, students reflected about what they already knew about government by sharing thoughts to three questions: What is government? Why is government important? and What would happen if we didn’t have government?


Building on their initial thinking, we practiced taking notes as we defined and discussed different government types.


We finished the week by thinking about what governments different countries have. Students located different countries on a world map and used a data sheet to color code them based on their government type.