Intermediate Inquirers

What an amazing first week of school in the Intermediate Pod! We spent time getting to know each other as well as learning routines and expectations that will help everyone have an exciting and successful school year.



To help us set the tone for year-long collaboration and positive interactions, the Intermediate students worked together to create our classroom Essential Agreements. These agreements are the foundation to creating a learning environment where everybody feels comfortable, cared for, and willing to take risks throughout their journey in our pod. The agreements are reflected upon regularly and change as needed to continue supporting the individuals that we all are. Quoted below are two of our agreements focused around interactions and mindset. Stay tuned for our third agreement on engagement and participation.

Interactions: “We agree to be kind and caring with our actions and words by including people in our games and activities, treating others how we want to be treated, using our communication skills to help others and fix problems, and listen and cooperate as much as possible. We will take care of the school supplies and school equipment. We will respect other’s differences and body spaces. We will build friendly relationships and have fun!!!”

Mindset: “We agree to believe in and encourage ourselves and others. We will show empathy and compassion toward everyone and will keep trying. When we get frustrated, we will take a breath or a few minutes to calm down, and remind ourselves, “I’m just not there yet.” We will learn from our mistakes and have fun while doing it.”




We ended the week reflecting on ourselves as people and created portfolio covers filled with characteristics that help to define who we are!