Intermediate Inquirers

We had a blast at Project Night on Thursday and we hope you did too! The Intermediate Pod worked hard to prepare the mock election and chemical reaction experiments for you. Thanks to you, we had a great representation of voters and scientists alike.  


The day after project night, and the mock election, we had the opportunity to do some data handling during math. We created an assembly line to count our ballots and see which initiatives were passed by our voters.


Our children care about our planet a great deal. This is shown by the fact that a majority of this year’s initiatives were focused around protecting the environment and sustainability. Knowing that our community cares about these issues as well, we had a strong feeling that they would pass.  


As it turns out, our predictions were correct. All of our initiatives passed! But that’s not to say they all passed by a landslide. For example, limiting cruise ships to only the summer season only passed by one vote. We used this as an opportunity to talk about recounts.


Next week, we will be continuing with data handling and creating displayable graphs that show the results of our mock election for the community.