Acquiring Tools for Change!

Imagine playing a game that is a hybrid of two games you’re familiar with. You have to take skills you already know and apply them in new ways. Other times you may have to take a chance and try something completely new. That is exactly what the students in the Intermediate Pod have been doing in our current P.E. unit.

Change has the ability to evoke many different emotions, and approaching change with an open mind can be challenging. So, having a safe and supportive environment to experience change is extremely important. Creating hybrid games that challenge students comfort zones has been a great way for each student to gain new skills in physical ability, and more importantly coping skills while experiencing something new. Here you can see students strategizing their plan for a game with elements of capture the flag and tag called Jailbreak.


It is said that change is inevitable, so having the tools to experience change in healthy ways is helpful. I encourage all families to discuss the many ways each of us deals with change. I know I have been impressed with each students ability to approach new situations with an open mind and a willingness to take risks. Even though change is often scary it can also bring about great rewards, so let’s all embrace change with courage and mindfulness.