Intermediate Inquirers


We have officially finished up our government unit (though we are still finishing up some of our writing). As a culminating project, we designed our own countries. Together, we figured out what things we would need to consider if creating a new country and government. Using our brainstorm, we created a checklist for the project.


Students determined what major features their country would have and created bird’s eye view maps to lay out some of the details.


In addition to their maps, students wrote about their countries and their governments. They applied what they had learned in our unit to answer questions such as: what kind of government does it have, what are the top ten rights of your citizens, and how does the government raise money?


We also started our first writing unit of the year, persuasive writing. As part of our unit, we discussed the different ways that laws are created, including initiatives on ballots. We brainstormed a giant list of possible initiatives and students chose what they would be excited to write about. This week we started planning reasons and the supporting evidence for our positions.