Early Childhood is Exploring Book Care

Early Childhood students are exploring what it means to take care of books. Last week we read a story together, then Mrs. Stein showed students one way she likes to keep a book safe by giving it a hug. 


This week we started work on our own book called, “We Care for Books.” Students began decorating the cover and shared ideas about how to handle books gently:

  • Give a book a hug.

  • No throwing books.

  • Don’t step on them!

  • Books are not toys, and people read them.

  • No food when we read books.

  • Don’t let a baby or pets wreck the pages.

  • Be careful with the pages.

  • Don’t squish things inside.


We are learning to be responsible for library books before we begin checking them out to share at home! When our book about taking care of books is finished, we get to bring it home to keep. Each week we’ll explore a new way to care for books, and bring home a bookmark that tells about that idea.