Creating Our Own Outdoor Classroom

Over the past month the children have become very industrious outdoors. They have turned their  work to building toys and other playground equipment out of the natural loose parts we provide in our outside space. “Loose Parts” refers to items that can be used to create just about anything,  outside our “loose parts” include: rocks, sticks, stumps of various height and width, rainbow streamers, scarves, buckets, “mud kitchen” containers, bowls, spoons. Recently the class worked on making a seesaw and this week they made a balance beam.  They worked together to roll stumps, and balance boards. They formed a line so everyone would get a turn. When they noticed the board was a bit unstable, they worked together to roll over more supports. The “natural” playground is not always the most tidy, but it is amazing what young children can do with these open-ended materials.

“Ask Me About”

  • What did you draw on Lianna’s birthday card? What birthday interview question did you ask her?

  • What was your question about plants today?