The garden is alive with growing plants and of course all of the creatures that come with them. We noticed that the children were very excited and interested in finding and collecting our backyard buddies, but the we wondered if we were being gentle enough with these creatures. With our new unit on the life cycle of plants starting, we took a deeper look at soil and the worms that live there. We learned that worms breathe through their skin so it is important that they stay in cool, moist places. The teachers decided to order rubber worms to invite into our play in the classroom (as they could not dry out). The children were so excited! We heard, “I will build my worm a house!” “ Let’s make a maze for our worms!” and “Our worms are superheroes!” As we continue to look closely at our gardens outside we are excited to see what adventures and stories we will hear!

“Ask Me About”

  • What type of creature did we play with inside today (rubber worms)? Did you make something for your worm? What did your worm do with you?