Mark Making and Writing in Early Childhood


How do children become writers in the Early Childhood classroom? As we start a unit, we carefully think of ways that the children can learn more, share their thoughts and ideas, and build skills along the way. Following their ideas and taking their lead creates opportunities for children to become invested, engaged and motivated to record these important thoughts.  Our inquiry into the plant life cycle has lead us to creating the stages of plant growth through collage on our inquiry board, writing and drawing our favorite flowers and labeling the parts, and even drawing what we think is hiding inside a seed. We do not require children to write words, or even draw representational pictures. Once children are comfortable holding a pen or pencil, and know that we will celebrate all stages of their learning, the writing “bug” often hits. This looks drastically different from child to child in the multi-age classroom. Some children “scribble” while others draw shapes and lines, and some string letters across the page that eventually turn into words. Investment is key, so we make writing materials available throughout the day. Every day you can see child created headbands with words on them, bookmarks, books, pictures and notes for family members and teachers leave through our doors. We love watching these confident, blossoming writers.

“Ask Me About”

  • Did you find a story in the collage materials today?

  • What is our plan with the sunflower seeds?