Earth Day and Student Agency


On Friday, we facilitated the student assembly for April. We focused on this month’s learner profile trait: Being a Thinker, and on Earth Day. When we spoke to the children about what Earth Day was about they all agreed it was about taking care of the Earth. Each child had a different idea that they thought helped the Earth. We asked if they would like to make a poster of their idea to show our student body at the assembly, and they agreed. They went to work making symbols and representational artwork to convey their message. At the actual assembly almost all of the children spoke into the microphone to communicate their idea to the school. It was so great to see the children so serious about their commitment to our planet. Honoring a child’s voice is so empowering, even for our youngest learners.

“Ask Me About”

  • What is something we have been looking at in the garden this week (worms)?
  • When Bay’s Dad came to talk about his job, what did you find the most interesting?
  • What are the parts of a story we have talked about so far (characters, setting, problem)?