What’s in a name?


Last week we had a very exciting thing happen in our classroom...our egg hatched.

Now, to fully appreciate that statement you have to go back a few months. I told the children that I had an egg at my house and that it needed to be hatched. I asked if I should bring it into the classroom, and they agreed. They thought we should make it a nest. We talked about how it may need to feel “safe and cozy.” The children talked about things that made them feel safe. I waited to see if the children had invested in this idea ad every week someone would ask when the egg would arrive. After spring break it did. We were very careful with it. I asked the children if they thought the egg was lonely in the nest and they thought it might be, so they strategized how we would make it feel included. Soon the egg had a puppet in the nest as well as many notes and cards surrounding it. Finally, it began to hatch. When the children came in last week, there was a baby owl peering back at them. Since our owl has hatched, we have talked about what it may eat and how to teach it about our classroom. We also have discussed how to carry and care for a young creature. Today we voted on its name, and came up with______. We are excited to see what adventures and experiences come from having this new community member.

“Ask Me About”

  • What is our owl’s name?
  • What job do you want to have someday?
  • What is one thing we are doing at our assembly on Friday?