Partner Projects

It is not a mystery that it can be hard to share space and advocate for your ideas. We asked the kids to try a “Partner Paint” activity where they had to share space and supplies. Some pairs painted designs next to each other, some worked on one picture together, and some pairs engaged in a finger painting sensory journey. Many negotiations were made and some pairs even had to learn how to communicate with each other. I heard one child plead to their partner when they had become upset,”But I need you to draw something that only you can draw!”  We will definitely be engaging in more of these experiences together as we continue our work of building community.

“Ask Me About”

  • Who joined our community this week (Who hatched from the egg?)?

  • We are running the Thinker/ Earth Day assembly next week, what is one way you take care of the Earth?

  • What is a “job” you do each day?