Using Our Senses to Explore


Herbs were brought in from our garden and added to a table in the classroom. Small groups of children were invited to crush and roll the herbs and see what they noticed. Their sense of smell was engaged as they noticed the fragrance from the herbs. Miss Carly thoughtfully asked what they were noticing and multiple children decided that they wanted to extend the exploration and add various temperatures of water to the herbs. They made a plan to add herbs to bottles, add the various temps of water, and then put it on a shelf overnight. The next day they observed their work and were excited to see the differences in the color of the water. More children asked to also make what they were now calling “tea” and we added various herbs to jars and a teacher helped by adding the boiling water. The next day we had a “tea tasting” and the children were invited to steep and taste four types of tea. The raspberry hibiscus was a crowd favorite, followed closely by mint. Matty’s Mom sent in an herbal tea with various fruits and even popcorn in it...We steeped it and even drank it out of real teacups!

Here are the questions from this week:

Ask Me About:

  • Tell me about the tea tasting this week...did you like the tea? Which was your favorite? How did you use your senses?

  • During our math journal we planned out how many cups we would need for your family to sit down to tea many did you need? How did you record your thinking?

  • Did you make something at creation station this week? Did you work on the maze project or the wood art collaboration project? Is it hard to share materials? Why?