Join our Thursday Karate Class


Karate-X is partnering with Soundview this spring to offer classes to junior kindergarten through 5th grade students. Students will learn and practice Karate skills with punching bags, breaking boards, blocking drills, kicking targets and more! Karate-X has been teaching in the Puget Sound for 19 years, with a Martial Arts program specifically designed for preschool and elementary students. Our professional instructors know how to motivate kids while building self-confidence and discipline. Belt rank testing is held at the end of each session, giving students goals to aim for and recognition of their accomplishments. For beginners who have never tried Karate, to athletes of any sport, Karate-X will challenge and grow bodies and minds!

The Karate class will meet from 3:45-4:45 pm every Thursday from April 11 to May 30 in the Performing Arts Center. The cost for the class is $270. This includes a $65 one-time registration & uniform fee. We are hoping to create an ongoing partnership with Karate-X, so returning students will not need to pay the registration fee in the future. Register now at or in the Soundview office.