Where can we find a story?


Young children are constantly making up and telling stories. Stories from imaginative play, stories about experiences from their daily lives, special events,  stories they have been read or passed down to them. We have introduced the idea of finding stories in our daily work. While stories come quite effortlessly to some, it can be a struggle for others to realize that they can be authors and see themselves as writers. Here is a story that Bay stumbled upon while working with playdough:

This is the alien’s thingy that they drive.

When they go to the space station they have to come out.

The aliens are going to Mars, I mean they are going to the Moon.”

Here are some questions we will be inquiring about this week:

Ask Me About:

  • What can we make letters out of? What types of lines and shapes do you notice? What are different ways we can sort them?

  • What color is our egg? Is it heavy? How will we keep it warm and cozy? What feelings come to mind when wondering about our egg?

  • Where can we find stories?