Using the Five Senses to Explore


Who doesn’t love mixing and experimenting with materials? Today the children used their five senses to look, smell, tuch, and taste three “mystery powders.” First we made observations about what they looked like, smelled like and tasted like. Some kids said they looked like powders used for baking. Once we started adding water children exclaimed, “It is sticky!” or, “It feels like slime!”  Lulu figured out that she could make dough! Then we added vinegar and watched as we could actually use our sense of hearing to explore one of the powders, as it made a loud bubbling reaction.

Here are the questions from today:

Ask Me About:

  • What was one of the powders you explored today?How did you use your five senses to explore them?

  • We had a conversation about how it feels to be included in does it make you feel?