Today we played a game. We surveyed the group and asked them to stand on the “yes” or “no” side of the rug to answer each question. Before we started we talked about how it may feel if your friends makes the opposite choice from you. Omar said, “It feels weird.” When he and Huck were on opposite sides over the question, “Do you like cheese?” Interestingly enough there were times when one child was on the opposing side to the rest of the class….We commented on how strong her opinion must be to be that kind of a risk taker. Wow! As adults we can learn from children’s acceptance of each other’s ideas and differences. We can stop and focus on how we truly feel when a friend, family member, colleague, peer or stranger disagrees with us. Is it ok? How can we make it ok? Can we ask questions? Can we see their perspective?

Here are the questions from today:

Ask Me About:

  • What did you learn about some of your classmates today after play the game on the rug? Does everyone like dogs? Cats? Ice cream? Rainbows?

  • What letter did you practice writing today? (E)