Don’t Yuck My Yum!


“Raise your hand if you like cucumbers!” This is a common question to hear at the lunch or snack table. Asking questions and learning about each other is a way to connect with peers. As children do this important work, they come across similarities and differences about each other. What do you do when your friend doesn’t like what you like? What emotions come up? How do we navigate these waters? As we study what is means to be principled this month, we read The Sandwich Swap. After reading it we  commented on how we can still be friends with someone even if we don’t share their taste in snack. We talked about not “yucking each others’ yums” and that we all are entitled to various viewpoints.

Here are the “Ask Me About” questions of the day:

  • What is something you know you like that someone else doesn’t? Food? Game? Is that ok?

  • What did we do with dinosaurs outside today?