Tool Time with Tape!

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This week we are practicing with a very important tool, tape! Tape has many different uses and can be a helpful material in our classroom. To practice, we have started a new group project using paper towel and toilet paper tubes. The biggest question we have been asking is: how much tape do we need to use? And how can we be caring to our tape while using it? Sebi noticed that we don’t need a large piece of tape for the tape to work and being gentle helps care for our tape. Aliyah noticed that there are different types of tape. We will continue to practice using tape and adding more tools as the week goes on!

Here are our Questions of the Day!


  1. What did you write about in your weekend journal today?

  2. How can we use tape?

  3. In our book today, how did Chico Bon Bon solve his problem? (offering to help the squirrels build their own school).