What is a Tool?

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One of our ongoing discussions this year has been about tools and how to safely use them in the classroom. Creating is a large part of what we do each day and tools can be a great help with any project done. So, understanding how to use each tool we have access to  in the classroom is important. We started this discussion by asking the question: what is a tool? “A tool helps you create things!” Yuna discovered. Bay agreed with this, and added, “tools fix things!” After our discussion, we came to a group conclusion that a tool is an object, or device, that helps us fix, make, or create a material.

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The first tool we have been practicing with is scissors. A most important tool in any classroom! We have discussed how to use scissors safely and practice cutting with a variety of yarn (we discovered yarn is also a tool!). Ask your kiddo what they learned about scissor safety, and using tools in our classroom!