Reconnecting With Our Community


It is always exciting to come back from a break. As a teacher, I am curious to hear what children think about new provocations and invitations to play that have been made ready for kids to ponder about and tinker with. We listen as children gladly share stories from their time apart and make new plans together. Not only are the children reconnecting with each other, but they’re also re-familiarizing themselves with routine and remembering the work we have done together so far this year. The energy in the classroom is fresh and full of opportunity; opportunities to relearn and practice routines, agreements, and even how to be a friend. As we take advantage of these learning opportunities unfolding we will wonder together:

  • What grows Friendship?

  • What is a tool and how do we use tools in our space?

  • What comes from a egg?

  • How can we take care, be safe, and ask questions together?

Discuss these questions at home and see what your child thinks.

Happy New Year!