Thinking About How We Listen

We are constantly practicing how to be good listeners at school. We practice listening to various adults and each other. Today we did a second step(a curriculum resource we use for social emotional education) lesson on listening skills. Here are your conversation starters for today:

“Ask Me About”

  • We had Spanish today...what did you do to practice Spanish (sing songs, played a guessing game, and danced)?

  • We read Scribbleville in the afternoon. Were the people of Scribbleville caring towards the new resident when he first moved to town? How did things change?

  • We took a closer look at beans from the garden today and practiced using our black line pens. Did you draw a bean? What color were they?

  • What four things did Lana (puppet) teach us about listening today? (we use our: eyes watching, ears listening, voice quiet and body calm)