Why We Play!


We had a great time last week at curriculum night. We talked about what your kiddos do every day in the classroom, reminders about things that make their days easier and successful, and of course we had to play! The parents that came were asked to build a structure, with their group, out of the materials on the table. It was fun to watch what everyone came up with. Teachers watched as parents voiced ideas and opinions, strategized and changed plans when they weren’t successful, and used materials in a productive way. After the projects were done, we asked parents about the experience. We wondered if they had any trouble using materials, had to change their plans when things weren’t working, or struggled to listen and consider other people’s ideas.  Parents explained that the experience went smoothly. It was a great reminder that a project that may seem very “simple” to adults, is not so simple for young children. Adults don’t typically have trouble pulling tape off the roll or using scissors, but young children have to focus to have the fine motor control to use these tools. Adults can easily change their mind or their plan, because they have been taught to do so through play and work scenarios, but young children are still building this bank of learning experiences. We as adults can teach our children that listening to others is kind and thoughtful, but young children do not always have the ability to see outside of themselves and their own ideas. We all play so that we learn. This is the mindset we would invite you to use this school year as we support your child’s academic and social emotional growth.