Friday edition: Ask me about….

It was a busy day in EC today! We have completed our first week and your kiddos are tired. Remember to send in a jacket with a hood, as we will go out in the rain to play.  Here are the topics from today:

“Ask Me About”

  • We had picture day today. Did you like getting your picture taken? What makes you smile?

  • We met some new friends today(puppets). What were their names (Troy & Lana)? They are best friends, but are not the same. How were they different? Is it ok to be different than your friends?

In the afternoon we read the story The One and Only. How did Opal feel when Bubbles copied her? Why do you think Bubbles did that? What should Opal have done? What could Bubbles do instead to make new friends?

Here are a couple pf pictures from last year’s Picture Day.