The Infamous Question: “What did you do at school today?”

Yay! Our first blog post! From now on, please expect to get an update daily from our classroom. Each day I will post three items about our day to ask your child about. These are talking points to get your child communicating with you about their day. It is ok if they are not interested in these topics. This is meant to help them not to frustrate them. I will also post a weekly newsletter to the blog about general trends in learning, inquiries and happenings in our classroom. Here are the topics from today:

“Ask Me About”

  • We had music today with Mrs. you remember a song you sang? What animal sound did you sing about in one of the songs? (snake: “ssssss”)

  • We talked about using scissors today. How do we hold them to cut? What is ok to cut? How do you hold scissors when you are moving about the classroom?

  • Who did you sit by at lunch time? How did lunch go? Did you like your lunch? What would make it better/easier for you to eat?