Can you make a pattern?

Recognizing and making a pattern is a mathematical skill that EC kids really love to work on. Once children learn that a pattern is anything that repeats, they begin to see patterns all over the place. Recently the children were asked to build a pattern and record it in their morning journal. Color patterns of two three and even four colors starting appearing at the tables. Recording the pattern took different strategies. It was amazing to watch children be risk takers and try new ideas when their first attempt failed.

Nests have been on the brain as we prepare for our “egg” to come to the classroom. On Friday kids practiced creating nests in creation station. We will collaborate as a class to prepare a nest for an egg our class will take care of and nurture so it will “hatch.”

“Ask Me About”

  • Did you make a nest with pattern blocks today? What shape was it?

  • Did you make a potion today? What was in it?

  • What did you draw in your journal about the weekend?