What Should We Turn Dramatic Play Into?


Over the past few weeks, we have been voting on what Dramatic Play should turn into! After narrowing our ideas down to, “cabin” or “movie theater”,  “cabin” was picked! What does a cabin look like to you? What makes a cabin feel cozy? As a class, we have been researching and brainstorming to answer these questions and create our classroom cabin. Many friends found the idea of having a winter cabin fun! Bay suggested we create snowflakes to put on the windows. Henry added, “we could put white paper on the window to make it look snowy outside”. Omar and Huck thought we should add a fireplace to keep the cabin cozy, if it is snowing.


Before winter break, we will be working together, as a class, gathering supplies and creating our cabin with the snowy theme in mind! Here are your conversation starters for today:


“Ask Me About”

  1. What would you like to add to our cabin?

  2. How can we care for the new items added dramatic play?

  3. What does caring for a classroom toy mean? How does it make you feel when a shared toy is cared for?