Combining Math and Play

Mathematical thinking skills in our classroom are used and fostered all the time. Counting skills are used as we discuss how many kids are here today, how many chairs we need at a table and how many pieces of paper we need for a project.  Data and measurement skills might sound like the opposite of play, but as we navigate the room children are constantly using these skills from, “who is at the sensory table?” “Are there any spaces left at that table?” “How many more blocks do we need?” “Can we make it as long as the rug?” Children also love gathering information about each others’ likes and dislikes. “Raise your hand if you like…” is a very popular lunchtime game. Of course we also think playing with numerals is fun, as children understand that these symbols have their own language. “What number does this say? (as number cards have been lined up next to each other)” Throughout the year you will hear about what we “played” at school, but I bet you won’t here, “Here’s what I learned about math today….” and that’s ok, because your child was invested every step of the way.

Here are your questions from the day:

Ask me about…

-Today we began to read a book about a cabin. What details did you notice?

- Our class decided we want to make our cabin have a wintery theme. What do you think we should add to dramatic play to make it look wintry?

-DId you play at the number building table today? What did you do there?