Where are the changes?

New week, new ideas, new questions! Today the kids came back to a classroom that had been slightly rearranged. Also we talked about how there were some new activities available as well. We started a new focus today on feelings and faces. We noticed how our faces changed depending on the emotion. We will continue this work over the next couple of weeks. Also, in an effort to take better care of our library books, I handed each kiddo a reusable shopping bag to carry their book to and from school. The bags are pictured below and have pumpkins on them. Just send their book in them when they come back to school and I will send it back home with them from library.

Here are your conversation starters for today:

“Ask Me About”

  • When you look at a face, what do you notice? What features would we need to include on a self portrait? What is your favorite feature?

  • What did dramatic play change in to? (veterinarian office)

  • What did we do with the Gak today?