Reading using Symbols


Today we starting using our symbols and pictures as cues for reading. Symbols help us learn and understand the world around us. We can use these symbols to decipher what a picture, word, or sign means! Aya noticed that red can mean stop and seeing a red sign could also mean stop. Symbols may start as cues and signals. If a child recognizes a cue out of context, that cue may be acting as a symbol. We also celebrated Hucks’ birthday! During inquiry time we each made Huck a birthday card and practiced writing our name. And had Birthday Interview to get to know Huck better! Here are today's conversation starters:

“Ask Me About”

  1. Today we had library. What book did you pick out?

  2. What question did you ask Huck during his birthday interview?

  3. There is a new material in our classroom today. Can you remember what it is? (water and soup added to sensory table!)