Look what I made!

Our creation station has been the most popular area of our classroom. As materials get used, new materials are added and he creation keep coming! Today we had some items donated by the Maier family. I would love it if families could look for things around the house that could be added to this area. Some items that are very popular...tubes, tape, colored paper, pipe cleaners, cardboard inserts and boxes, old yarn, old caps from containers...the list goes on. If you think you may have some to donate, just send them with your kiddo in a bag marked “creation station”. Thank you!

Here are your conversation starters for today:

“Ask Me About”

  • We talked about agreements today, s we are about to write our classroom agreements. What is an agreement? (A promise, or rule that we all follow)

  • We finished Bippity Bop Barbershop in the afternoon. What happened? How was the main character feeling at the end? What does it mean to take a risk? What does it mean to be brave?

  • We had music today. We learned some sounds are high and some sounds are low. Can you make a high sound? Can you make a low sound?